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The Burnham Rosen Group offers an integrated leadership development program that addresses leadership at all levels of an organization. Our approach has a documented track record of results, improving business performance, employee morale and creating a climate of shared accountability. Our comprehensive services combine training, coaching and implementation support.

Thought Action Training

The Burnham Rosen Group employs a unique training methodology based on the work Dr. David McClelland and our founder, David Burnham. The central premise is: "thought drives actions which result in outcomes." In other words, to create change that is lasting and meaningful (quantifiable outcomes), you must change more than behavior. First, you need to change the way you think. In fact, extensive empirical research has confirmed this theory; without a mindset shift, change is 1/3 less likely. And over the past 30 years we have refined and developed Dr. McClelland’s methodology into a powerful, experiential training process that has a documented success rate twice that of behavioral-based training programs.

Thought -> Actions -> Outcomes

Our Signature Programs

Follow-up InterActive Coaching™ helps individuals to become aware of their existing thought patterns and the impact on business results and employee morale. BRG coaches then help leaders to identify and produce the thought patterns which will improve the outcomes as well as the actions to support them, significantly increasing probability that these desired outcomes will be achieved. Over time this disciplined, systematic approach to coaching enables leaders to take full control of the change and to sustain it.

Implementation Support

Burnham Rosen also provides a complete range of implementation support for all training services including;